Mezcal Magia Pura is a project that originated in the heart of Guerrero state in 2016, specifically in a community named Tlanipatla, in Guerrero, Mexico. Magia Mezcal stands out among other agave mezcals on the market due to its exceptional 100% artisanal distillation process, using Agave Cupreata (“Papalote”) and Angustifolia (“Sacatoro”) varieties. With its distinct flavor, unique aroma, and exceptional handcrafted quality, Mezcal Magia Pura can be compared to the finest distillates worldwide.

This distillate is the result of a collaborative effort with the people of Guerrero, Mexico, a community with a long-standing tradition of mezcal production spanning multiple generations. This collaboration has generated employment opportunities across the entire production chain in the Guerrero region. From agave cultivation, ensuring the sustainability of raw materials, to hand-packaging within the factory itself, which is carried out by women from the community involved in labeling and final product presentation.

The objective of Mezcal Magia Pura is to replicate this same artisanal production and sustainability effort with mezcal communities in the Central Region of the State, with the goal of forming the largest cooperative in Guerrero.