Discover the Magic

We refer to our mezcal as artisanal because it is one of the most intricate distillates to produce globally and our processes are entirely handmade.

The wild agaves (Cupreata and Angustifolia) that we use, which are native to the Guerrero region, reach their maturation point naturally in a period of 7 to 12 years.

Only experts know how to grind and roast the agave leaves to produce mezcal. This process is called “jimado” and is carried out using a tool known as “tarecua” (a type of hoe). This technique is passed down from generation to generation.

A jimador is a type of farmer responsible for planting agave plants, primarily harvested for mezcal production.

The geography of Guerrero is rugged and filled with mountains, that is where the Agaves used to create the magic thrive and develop best. Sometimes, the assistance of pack animals is necessary to reach inaccessible lands, enabling us to collect and transport the agave to our palenque (distillery), where the magic happens.

Next comes the cooking of the agave, using exclusively oak wood placed inside a handmade conical oven made of blue stone native to the region. Blue stone is also placed on top of the wood, allowing heat to be transmitted to the agave without burning it.

Then, a layer of native palm from Guerrero is placed on top of the agave heads, and the oven is covered with earth. The agave remains there for 3 to 5 days.

After these steps, the cooked agave is taken into the palenque (distillery), where it is split with an axe and crushed with a mallet. Then, the bagasse and juices are loaded into fermentation vats.

“The cooking process with firewood in the oven, a crucial element of artisanal mezcal production, imbues it with that distinct smoky flavor and aroma.”


Once the agave is crushed, the bagasse is loaded into ayacahuite wood vats, and spring water is added. This natural process is known as “formulation”. The mixture is then left to rest for 5 to 7 days, ensuring optimal fermentation before undergoing the first distillation.

In the first distillation process, we work on each vat individually, distilling the concentrate within them. This initial transparent liquid is referred to as “ordinary,” as it typically contains an average alcohol content of 25 to 30%.

Once we have obtained all the “ordinary” liquid, we proceed with a second and final distillation, during which the soul of each agave is imbued in every bottle of Mezcal Magia Pura.

We follow a 100% artisanal process that is executed with great passion and meticulous attention to detail, ensuring perfection from production to the hand-bottling of every single mezcal.

This artisanal process, essential in creating mezcal and its magic, takes approximately one month to make the Real Magic Happen.

“Magia Mezcal undergoes a double
distillation process and is crafted using copper stills”.